The Ladies in Halifax

I mentioned this exchange in my post yesterday, and I thought some might find it amusing.

NDP Leader Ed Broadbent, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Progressive Conservative Party Leader Joe Clark during a televised debate during on May 13, 1979.

Joe Clark: I would like to begin with a reference to testimony from a young woman who came from Great Island to the open forum at the hearing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She came at considerable inconvenience to herself because she felt involved in these issues and wanted an opportunity to have her views expressed…

As we discuss institutions today which we might establish, we, the Parliament of Canada, must be conscious that we are responding to the concerns of Canadians, like the woman from Great Island…

Pierre Trudeau: That is what we want to hear. Don’t tell us about the ladies in Halifax.

Still not sure what year this happened. But happen it did.