Under the Influence

Zuckerberg (again):

That [Facebook] influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea.

The New York Times,  November 4, 2014:

In the 2010 election, similar nudging by Facebook resulted in 340,000 additional votes nationwide…

Facebook’s get-out-the-vote tests have come under scrutiny because of the company’s potential to sway elections if it were to selectively urge voters in certain areas and not others to vote.

So which is it?

We Need Dissent

Tim Bousquet:

We need dissent. We need the internal dissent of the bureaucrat calling bullshit, the dissent of the scientist freely explaining the world, the dissent of the back-bencher representing a local concern that goes against PMO policy, the dissent of an enraged segment of society taking to the streets. To be sure, these expressions of dissent break message, but they bring a wider view of the world, help make governments more flexible and more capable of responding to the unpredictable, and ultimately bring a societal wisdom that serves everyone well. Dissent makes us a better country.

Of High Horses

Pat Martin:

They rode into Ottawa on their high horse of accountability, and all we have to show for it is the mess that horse left. They should take their Federal Accountability Act and run it through that horse and throw it on their roses for all the good it has ever done us.

Guy’s got a gift with words.