I Don’t Know

On Wednesday, I was visiting a friend at her work in NDG and decided to stop in to the Salvation Army thrift store across the street before heading home. I’ve been looking for a good wool sweater, and I found one.

I also found this:

I Don't Know. What Do You Think?

It was inside what I thought at first was a sort of late-eighties Rolodex: two drawers that looked to be the right size for index cards, enclosed in a plastic casing of fake woodgrain like the television sets of my childhood. It turned out to be someone’s collection of audio cassettes: the Doors, the soundtrack to Man of La Mancha, and various others. And this mixtape.

I still make mixtapes every now and again. It’s becoming harder and harder to find blank cassettes for sale, but last time I did I stocked up. Making mixtapes for someone is such a personal activity that it seems particularly strange to find one on display, in public, for sale. I wonder how it ended up at that store, and who made it, and who they made it for, and how it left their possession. I thought about buying it for the novelty of the thing, but really, it wasn’t mine to have.

Four Pictures from Toronto

The Control Room

Open concept projection booth at the Bell Lightbox.

Best Foreign Language Film

The first Oscar I’ve ever seen in person — Best Foreign Language Film, The Barbarian Invasions.


Banksy-esque graffiti on Spadina. Perhaps the real thing? (I’ve seen that rat before.)

The Royal York

The Royal York in the snow.


The Tower

I’m on my way home to Montréal from a weekend in Toronto. This was a short visit, but a good one. More photos will follow.