On Occupying Wall Street

I had a brief exchange, as follows, with Université de Laval economist Stephen Gordon this evening on the topic of Occupy Wall Street. Our opinions diverged.

Stephen Gordon: I really don’t care how strongly you feel. Clueless, uninformed ranting merits derision and scorn, not a respectful hearing.

Me: I’m all for being informed, but you don’t have to be an economist to want some accountability from Wall Street.

Me: How about a little derision and scorn for the people who caused the recession, instead? Too much to ask?

Stephen Gordon: And occupying Wall Street will achieve that?

Me: Has anything else? Regulation? Self-regulation? Shame? I’m open to suggestions.

Stephen Gordon: How about not making them look good in comparison?

Me: Really depends on your criteria for looking good. I guess it’s easier on a big salary.

He turned to more important matters after that and left me wondering if my last remark had been too snarky. And if those responsible for the financial crisis really look good to some people by any comparison. It’s a mad world we live in these days.