On Just Us!

In July 2010, I resigned my position as manager of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative's Spring Garden café over concerns I had with the co-operative's senior management. While I stand by that decision and the reasons I gave the co-operative's senior management and board for it at the time, I am not convinced that my experience from three years ago is relevant to the current situation. Rather than adding fuel to the fire, I intend to await the ruling of the Labour Board.

It is my sincere hope that this matter will be resolved amicably for all parties, and will furthermore act as a catalyst for increased involvement of café staff in the co-operative's democratic structure, whether through the formation of a union under SEIU Local 2 or facilitated membership in the co-operative itself. The senior management at Just Us! have been given a chance to live up to the values that they have publicly championed over the past eighteen years, and as a former employee and member—and current investor—I encourage them to seize this opportunity.